Forced Air Comfort Systems

Premium G

GeoSmart Energy’s Premium G® forced air systems feature advanced technology and innovative components setting a new standard for heating and cooling efficiency while providing you with exceptional energy savings. The Premium G® will meet all your heating, cooling and partial domestic hot water needs (optional) offering you years of worry-free comfort from the moment the system is installed.

Compactly packaged in an attractive blue and stainless steel cabinet, the Premium G® provides quiet, consistent and comfortable heating and cooling throughout every room in your home and offers superior humidity control. It can dramatically reduce your annual costs for heating and cooling by as much as 75% compared with conventional furnaces and air conditioners.

Designed to meet a wide range of home applications, it can easily be installed in both newly constructed and existing homes, regardless of what climate you live in.

Switching to a geothermal system like the Premium G® offers unprecedented benefits that conventional heating and air conditioning systems simply can’t match.


Efficient, Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly. The ECO-Y® Series by GeoSmart provides homeowners with energy savings and years of outstanding comfort and reliability. ECO-Y® units offer several options for any application whether it’s new construction or retrofit. Available in packaged forced-air configurations with heating COP’s as high as 4.0, the ECO-Y® Series is Energy Star rated and performance-certified under ARI/ISO 13256-1.

By utilizing environmentally safe, non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant, the ECO-Y® sets the industry standard in its class for performance, efficiency and quality. Additional features include soft-start variable-speed ECM blower motors, optional domestic hotwater generators, and microprocessor based controls with on-board diagnostics for maximum efficiency. Several decades of research, engineering advancements and manufacturing experience have come together to create the ECO-Y® Series. These units benefit from the technology that has been refined through several generations of products, and offers it at an affordable price.


Efficient, Reliable, Affordable. The ECO-Z® series by GeoSmart provides homeowners with the comfort and performance of a geothermal system, at an affordable price. With industry leading standard options in a compact cabinet the ECO-Z® is suitable for both retrofit and new construction applications. The smart design of the ECO-Z® optimizes it for both geothermal closed loop and well-water installations in single or multi-family housing.

The ECO-Z® series is Energy Star rated and performance-certified under ARI/ISO
13256-1, while utilizing environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. It is designed to adhere to the footprint of lower efficiency equipment while operating at the high efficiencies of today’s technology. The ECO-Z® is available in a wide selection of nominal capacities (015-070), cabinet sizes, and an array of factory installed options to offer unmatched application flexibility. Not to mention all units are computer run-tested to ensure reliable performance at start-up – and for many years to come.

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