Why Choose Geothermal Energy?

A GeoSmart Energy system uses the Earth’s thermal properties in conjunction with electricity to provide you with whole home space conditioning and unprecedented efficiency. For every unit of electricity the system uses, it provides four units of heating energy, giving a geothermal system a 400 percent efficiency rating, on average. These numbers can translate into real savings on your utility bills year-round. The secret of a GeoSmart Energy system’s clean, efficient operation is the earth’s ability to store heat. In fact, almost 50% of the sun’s energy that reaches our planet is absorbed into the earth. That’s 500 times more energy than all of humanity would need in a year! And it’s an unlimited source of energy.

Physically, the GeoSmart Energy system resembles a conventional forced-air furnace located conveniently in your mechanical room. Specially designed for use in the cold Canadian climate, our geothermal systems extract heat from a series of closed loop pipes buried outside of your home and transfer it into your mechanical room directly to your GeoSmart Energy unit. From there the system superheats the free energy and distributes it through the home by way of forced-air or infloor heating. In summer, the system simply reverses and extracts heat from your home for cooling and moves the heat to either your domestic hot water tank or into your closed loop pipes outside. Whatever the season, a GeoSmart Energy system will keep your home as comfortable as you could ever imagine.

For the Environment

Installing a GeoSmart Energy system in a typical home is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees – or taking two cars off the road. That’s because our systems don’t burn fossil fuels, and they don’t emit carbon dioxide, which has been associated with the greenhouse effect and global warming. The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium says current geothermal systems save more than 14 million barrels of crude oil every year. And because the only energy needed to run geothermal systems is a small amount of electricity, they reduce the need for new coal-powered electric power plants. Result? Cleaner air and less acid rain.

For the Efficiency

Geothermal technology provides a cost effective, environmentally responsible way to heat or cool any space. As a result of the incredible efficiency of a GeoSmart Energy system, your monthly energy savings can be enough to recover your initial investment associated with the installation the equipment. A GeoSmart Energy system operates more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems – 30 to 70 percent more efficiently, in most cases. For every unit of electricity the system consumes, it provides four units of heating energy, giving a geothermal system a 400 percent efficiency rating, on average. These numbers can translate into real savings on your utility bills year-round.

For the Comfort

Because a GeoSmart Energy system uses the relatively stable temperature of the earth as an energy source, you’re assured of constant, even winter heating and better humidity control in the summer. Due to the nature of geothermal technology, our systems move a higher volume of air thorough the home than a conventional system. The overall result is a much more even temperature in every room of the house. Higher volume means that the warmth created by your new system will reach to the furthest ends of the house before the thermostat has been satisfied.

For the Flexibility

Geothermal systems can provide any combination of forced-air heating, radiant in-floor heating, domestic hot water, and air conditioning all from the same unit. From houses to office buildings to community swimming pools, and everything in between, geothermal systems can be designed to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions.

For the Quiet Operation

The compact self-contained, interior equipment does not need a noisy, unsightly outside condensing unit that a traditional air conditioner requires. Geothermal heat pumps are quiet and discrete. You will barely know they are there, but you’ll notice the lower energy bills.

For the Air Quality

The air you breathe each day can have a profound impact on the health of you and your family. On average, people spend close to 90% of their time indoors, whether at home, at work, at school or in leisure activities. While you have little control over the environmental pollutants you’re exposed to outdoors, you can significantly improve the quality of the air that you and your children breathe in your home. Fuel-burning appliances, biological pollutants (i.e. dust, mold) and household products can all contribute to poor air quality in your home. To help you create the healthiest possible environment for you and your family, Envirotech Geothermal offers an exceptional line of products designed to generate cleaner air in your home.

For the Safety

No Flame, no flue, no odors, no carbon monoxide. Safe and reliable operation.

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